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MGM Grand Market is a relatively new dark web marketplace that launched in early 2021. In just a short time, it has developed a reputation as a modern, mobile-friendly market with good security features.Ь

Key Points About MGM Grand Market:

  • Launched in 2021, developed from scratch in under a year
  • First dark web market with a mobile-friendly interface
  • Modern, up-to-date design compared to other markets
  • Good security features like 2FA, PGP encryption, escrow system
  • Strict policies prohibiting illegal/unethical items like weapons, murder contracts
  • Over 500 vendors, 30k buyers, 15k listings as of early 2022
Launch Date
Early 2021
Main Link
Mobile Friendly
Multisig Supported
Very good
Active Warnings
Payment Options
Bitcoin only

Despite being a dark web market, MGM Grand Market aims to operate ethically and prohibit illegal/dangerous listings. However, buyers should still exercise caution as with any darknet platform. While Bitcoin is currently the only accepted cryptocurrency, there are rumors that Monero support could be added soon for enhanced privacy. This would align with MGM Grand Market’s focus on security and anonymity. Overall, MGM Grand Market brings some unique features and a modern design to the table. Its mobile-friendly interface and strict policies set it apart from other players in the niche. It will be interesting to see if MGM Grand Market can leverage these advantages to carve out a niche going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions about MGM Grand Market

What makes MGM Grand Market unique?

MGM Grand Market is the first dark web market to have a mobile-friendly interface. This allows buyers to access the market more easily from mobile devices.

What products can you buy on MGM Grand Market?

The market primarily sells drugs like antidepressants, tranquilizers, benzodiazepines, research chemicals, marijuana, and MDMA. It also offers some digital goods, guides/tutorials, and leaked data.

What cryptocurrencies does MGM Grand Market accept?

Currently, Bitcoin is the only accepted cryptocurrency on MGM Grand Market. There are rumors that Monero support could be added for enhanced privacy.

Is MGM Grand Market safe to use?

MGM Grand Market has good security protections like 2FA and PGP encryption. It also prohibits illegal/dangerous listings. However, buyers should still exercise caution as with any dark web marketplace.

How many vendors and listings does MGM Grand Market have?

As of early 2024, MGM Grand Market had over 500 vendors, 30k buyers, and 15k listings.

What are the main advantages of MGM Grand Market?

Users highlight the large product selection, mobile interface, fast withdrawals, easy-to-use interface, and security/anonymity protections as the main advantages.

What are the disadvantages or complaints about the market?

There are some negative reviews about potential scams from dishonest vendors. There is also limited product variety beyond drugs.

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