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Launch Date
November 2023
Accepted Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin (BTC) & Monero (XMR) & Litecoin (LTC)
Clearnet (official website)
Vendor Criteria
Two paths: Veteran Vendors (250+ sales history) or Newbie Vendors ($500 fee)
Escrow Period
7-21 days, with a 3-day grace period for dispute opening after escrow expiration
Dispute Policy
Disputes can be opened within 3 days of delivery for digital products and within 3 days post-escrow for physical products. The resolution period varies between 3 and 7 days
Transaction Policies
Trades outside Nexus Market discouraged, false orders/reviews banned, vendors must use original product images, and accurately disclose drug substances
Prohibited Activities
Distribution of child pornography, violent content, or weapons; promoting harm or selling banned substances like fentanyl
Mandatory for vendors for secure communication and account protection, recommended for buyers
Deposit & Withdrawal
No deposit fee; withdrawal fee is 1%, with withdrawals processed within an hour
Order Cancellation
Buyer can cancel if status is Pending; vendor can cancel for various reasons before acceptance. Market fee applies only if buyer cancels
Digital & Physical Order Differences
Digital orders are instantly delivered if marked ‘shipped automatically’; physical products have an escrow period with a vendor shipping requirement within 3 days

Nexus Market is a fast, secure, and sleek dark web market that offers a range of features designed to protect both vendors and buyers. Launched in November 2023, Nexus Market has quickly gained a reputation for its user-friendly interface and commitment to security


Nexus Market offers 24/7 customer support and accepts payments in Bitcoin and Monero, with plans to add Litecoin in the future. The market also provides private mirrors for vendors and buyers, ensuring a more secure and reliable browsing experience

Escrow Period and Disputes

The escrow period for physical products can be chosen by the seller and ranges from 7 to 21 days, while digital products do not have an escrow period as they are delivered digitally. A dispute can be opened within 3 days after the escrow period expires for physical products and within 3 days of the order’s delivery for digital products. The dispute resolution period varies between 3 and 7 days for both types of products.

Rules and Regulations

Nexus Market has strict rules and regulations in place to ensure a safe and honest environment for all users. These include guidelines on conduct and communication, content restrictions, trading and transactions, and other prohibitions

Personal Experience

As a user, we have found Nexus Market to be a fast and reliable platform for dark web shopping. The market’s user-friendly interface and commitment to security make it an appealing choice for both vendors and buyers. And no DDoS, Nexus works fast.


Nexus Market offers a secure and user-friendly platform for dark web browsing, with a range of features designed to protect both vendors and buyers. However, it is essential to remember that using such platforms carries inherent risks, and users should always prioritize their safety and security

P.S. Navigating the dark web, I’ve found Nexus Market to be my trusted hub. With round-the-clock customer support and flexible payment methods, like Bitcoin and Monero, it caters to my needs. The absence of DDoS attacks adds to its allure. Escrow periods vary, but dispute resolution is prompt. Strict rules safeguard transactions and interactions, fostering a secure environment. Personally, I appreciate its user-friendly interface, making browsing seamless. However, I remain vigilant, acknowledging the inherent risks. Nexus Market offers a reliable platform, but users must prioritize safety in this shadowy realm.

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