Monero (XMR) is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency allowing anonymous transactions that obscure origins and amounts. This makes it widely used for shopping on darknet marketplaces accessible via Tor.

Why Use Monero?

Monero has gained popularity due to:

  • Untraceable transactions – Sender, receiver, and amounts are private
  • Fungibility – All tokens have equal value, unlike Bitcoin
  • Active development – Regular upgrades improving security and privacy

This provides users more financial privacy compared to transparent blockchains like Bitcoin.

Key Features

Ring Signatures
Conceals sender identity
Stealth Addresses
Hides receiver address
Obfuscates amounts sent
Protects IP addresses

Getting Started

First acquire some XMR from exchanges like LocalMonero that don’t require identity verification. Then choose a secure, private wallet:

Wallet Options

Be sure to follow best practices like using new addresses for each transaction.

Private Transactions

Leveraging features like ring signatures and stealth addresses, Monero provides untraceable and unlinkable transactions, obscuring senders, receivers, and amounts. This enables private spending unusable by transparent blockchains like Bitcoin.


With untraceable transactions and fungible tokens, Monero provides financial privacy and anonymity. This drives adoption for darknet and other sensitive purchases. By using the right wallet and following best practices, users can transact securely.

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